How to Make Your Own Independent Film

FilmingIf you’re thinking of making your own independent film, then it’s important that you understand that this is indeed a major leap in terms of your artistry. Because of this, you really need to take this endeavor seriously. How serious, you may ask? Well, it’s all a matter of investing in your craft. Investing in it does not necessarily mean that you spend millions for it, or that you end up being buried up to your head in debt. To truly invest in your craft means you know enough to be able to deliver well, without having to lose yourself over it.

This list aims to give you ideas on how to make your own independent film, which already covers the investment part. Take note that this list is by no means exhaustive. As you get into the very act of movie-making you can very well add your own tips to this list, because most likely you’ll be learning so much as you go along.

Top Tips for Your Indie Film

Indie FilmThe first thing you need to resolve is the script. Why? You need to make sure that the script, as it is written, is really intended for a micro-budget film. Make sure that there are no indications that would lead you to travel across continents just to pull off your film. Check that your script does not force you to spend more than you are willing to. If there are elements that might lead you to that effect, you might have to ditch them. Learn to modify. But that’s another story.

The second tip is this: remember to have a home base location specifically intended for production purposes. Having established that your script must have a micro-budget story, it makes sense to also choose a micro-budget location for it. Don’t hesitate in choosing your own house, or a public park, or somewhere that’s free and perfectly accessible.

The third thing you need to learn is the art of shooting while locations are still open. Do you need to shoot in public establishments like malls, coffee shops, and other similar locations? Well then, you really need to remember the operating hours of these locations so that you can avoid the hassle of having to request for special times (which also means additional expense).

Here’s the fourth tip: Open it up. The more public your project is, the more people know about it, the easier it becomes to ask for support for your film. The very nature of so many projects these days is that they are outsourced. Having outsourced projects gives you the convenience of asking for the collaboration of everyone else who bothers to pitch in and help.

Put It Up Online

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