Top Three Filmmaking Software for Filmmakers

Top Three Film-making Software for Filmmakers

So you think you’re ready with the film – you finished your story, you picked all the right actors and actresses, you had an excellent crew and support system, and you have finished filming. The next logical question would be: what software is best to use? Whether you’re in pre-production, production, or post-production stage, software will always be involved and will always play a vital role in helping you produce the best videos if you’re going to build a website, or for a tech blog you’re making, or you simply want to produce a film as your life’s work, software will always be your best friend.

So, without much ado, here are the Top 5 Film-making software for all filmmakers (whether beginner or pro):




Adobe Premiere Pro

At $19.99, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the only product on the market that holds the title ‘industry standard’. As a software, it is continually evolving, with Adobe consistently listening to its customers’ feedback and comments. With this, what you have is a non-linear editor that has the versatility, power and depth of which allows you to create all sorts of video projects with it, be it a simple video for your website visitors, or a full-blown film, Adobe Premiere Pro can certainly achieve the goals for you.






CyberLink Director Suite

CyberLink Director Suite is not just a video editor. It is an entire platform for your video, audio, image, and color editing. At $159.99, it includes four programs: PhotoDirector, PowerDirector, ColorDirector, and AudioDirector. What Director Suite allows you to achieve is a sense of control over all the aspects of your project, which is a pretty good deal, especially if you’re into efficiency and efficacy.








CyberLink Power Director

For those with a lower budget and couldn’t afford the whole Director Suite, CyberLink offers Power Director, which comes with three versions: Deluxe, Ultra, and Ultimate. What Power Director gives you access to are the basics of video editing, without compromising quality, and more importantly, your tight budget. At $49.99, you’re assured of a great video-editing choice, truth be told.